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Recent economic developments have brought about significant changes, especially in the government and financial services sector. Keeping up with the pace of change stemming from regulatory and legislative reform can be a daunting task. The financial market players are faced with increased regulatory demands on national and international financial centres. The Regulatory Services team offers professional services with respect to the implementation of and the adherence to the financial sector’s regulatory framework.
We maintain interdisciplinary skills and have extensive expertise at both the national and international level within our Audit, Tax and Advisory divisions. Our services are complete solutions that can be adapted and made available to your individual needs. Our team of qualified financial professional team consisting Ex – Bankers, Chartered Accountants, MBAs and registered valuer who offers you a wide range of services as well as support with the application and interpretation of regulatory requirements in the following areas.

Regulatory environment in India requires various organisations to obtain several licences before the operations commence. We offer our services under which we assist our clients in obtaining various licence, be it general trade licence or industry specific licence. We have dedicated team whose expertise lies for liaisoning with government authorities which assures speedy and timely procurement of licences. At JJJ our core focus is to reduce the regulatory burden on our clients so that they can concentrate on business activities.

The Firm is well exposed to dealing with various regulatory authorities such as registrar of Companies (ROC), Regional Director(RD), Company Law Board (CLB), Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI). With J J J And Company LLP you can be assured that all the documents requires to be filed before the regulatory authorities are filed in time and your case be represented in best possible manner before the various regulatory authorities

We at J J J And Company LLP have a team of professional dedicated to Incorporation of various entities. Be it Company, LLP, Partnership Firm or Joint venture, our team is well equipped with all the expertise to ensure that our clients have not to go through hard phase of Incorporation. We completely deal with all the regulatory and compliance aspect of entity incorporation and assure our clients that their major focus continues to remain on business operations.

To provide depth in Indian securities market and to provide cushion against immediate attacks, government through various regulatory authorities likes SEBI, RBI, Stock Exchanges etc offers various restrictions and facility to stake holders. Portfolio investment Scheme (PIS) is one of the facility which provide Non-Resident Individuals and Foreign nationals to participate in Indian stock market along with various bands, restriction and legal compliance. Banks have given an additional responsibility to provide these facilities to NRI and foreign nationals along with ensuring all compliance applicable to them and daily reporting to Reserve Bank of India. JJJ PIS team along with it’s in house developed application is competent to provide banks a single stop solution about PIS reporting and all legal compliance applicable on the banking organizations.

In India, companies are regulated by registrar of companies that require various compliances on part of companies during pre-incorporation and post incorporation phase. These compliance include annual return filing, maintenance of Statutory registers, other compliances, maintenance of minutes book etc. At JJJ we take care of all the compliances that are required to meet by company under Companies Law. We undertake compliance assignment on annual as well as case to case basis.

Asset is the backbone of any business. Any organization acquire different types of assets that are being used for production of the finished goods, assistance in sale of goods, better atmosphere to their employees etc. Value of all assets including fixed assets and current assets already consists a major part of total business, hence it is necessary that that assets should be checked and controlled in such a way that these assets can be used optimally and efficiently for long period and people can be stopped from misuse thereof. Generally organization do better control on their cash assets, debtors but reluctant towards fixed assets and sometimes for inventory.
JJJ with its unique and innovative technique helps organization to identify all fixed assets, their valuation, recording and creating of fixed assets register. JJJ is providing specific solutions and process to the organization which ensure continuance updating of fixed assets registers, better tracking of assets spread into different location and fix responsibility among users. JJJ is providing solutions for all type of assets maintained by an organisation like Road, Drain, Lake & Pond, Public Lighting, Sewerage Systems etc. mainly found in municipal organizations, Intangible Assets like Goodwill, Patents, Copyrights, Trademark etc., IT assets Software’s, Hardware, Server, Networking Equipments, Research equipments such as Lab equipments, precious consumables, etc.
JJJ’s Cost optimization team provides better techniques for inventory tracking, determination in efficient economic order quantity (EOQ), reorder level. Our team study and analysis various methods and procedures and assist to enhance inventory turnover ratio, price and supply hedging against market forces etc.

There should be equal exposure to every team members and responsibility of any wrong doing can also be casted upon individual person along with team. Our Internal Control and performance evaluation team have successfully launched his unique operating procedures that helps in proper segregation of responsibility along with business continuity and disaster recovery method

To setup and run an industry successfully it is necessary that it should comply with all applicable rules and regulations. In addition to general statues some special statutes are also applicable on some industry, non-adherence thereof may question the existence of the organization. Sometime sector specific incentive schemes are also being offered by the government organization. Our sector specific expert team manages to updates their industry specific client about various regulatory amendments, reporting structure to regulatory authorities and tariff calculations.



Our expert team provide assistance to telecom companies in better understanding of TRAI recommendations, DOT Guidelines, proper ascertainment of voice revenue, segment reporting etc. Our natural resources team assists natural resources in proper tariff calculations, timely submission to Petroleum and Natural gas regulatory board (PNGRB) authorities, segment reporting and calculation of segment wise internal rate of return. Our Industry team suggests various incentives applicable to specific industry and design strategies and method to enable the customers for better and maximum claim thereof.

One of the key reforms of government of India with an intention to make urban local bodies independent, self-sustainable and their accounting system transparent, error free and more reliable. J J J And Company LLP is one of the key associates in the government initiative. Our expert team have authored a book covering key aspects of accrual based double entry accounting system and its optimum use in urban local bodies. JJJ team have initiated and successfully implemented this accounting system in more than 60 urban local bodies covering Various states of India.

Use of modern technology and computer with application of skill and expertise of human being is the most productive and performing method in today era and we are having expertise in the same. Our expert team have contributed in many of the organization for successful integration of related process among each other in such a way that all required output can be generated with minimum inputs. We ensure that redundancy of work should be eliminated in such a way that efficiency & amp; Interest of human resource will remain and increase in the organization’s interest and possibilities of errors and omission which can be resulted into repetitive working and frustration can be removed. Our team has successfully integrated financial accounting along with budgeting, inventory and financial management in such a way that a common platform and common input is providing all the purpose that can be served. User Control system, Bio metrics equipments and modified internal control techniques have helped us to establish proper responsibilities among the staff, enables improvement in quality input and adequate reporting framework.

A change in accounting standards is virtually inevitable in India and companies should be embarking on their initiatives to achieve timely convergence with IFRS. Based on the experience of other countries, conversion is a significant endeavour and an early start can make a difference. We help companies that are contemplating IFRS or are in the process of adopting IFRS with services such as assessing and revising financial policies, evaluating organization-wide Data Collection processes, Consolidation processes, Financial Reporting processes, or General accounts. We have professionals specialised in the field of Indian Accounting standard and IFRS that smoothly navigate the convergence process to comply with international and local reporting compliances.

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